Beau Grain Magnetic Knife Holder

Stick it to them

When you have a drawer full of sharp knifes like we do, you are always looking for that one fix to keep your knives sharp, safe and ensure no one gets nicked while selecting a knife from the drawer. Knifewear feels the same way and that is why it offers Beau Grain Magnetic Knife Blocks, both in their store and online. Made in Quebec by woodworker Guillame Gareau, these carefully handmade blocks allow you to display your knives proudly, while keeping them safe from the utensil drawer. Created using rare earth magnets and your choice of cherry, walnut, ash or maple, these knife holders are an impressive way to display and store your kitchen knives. The magnetic material is encased in the wood, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your knives. Simply screw the piece onto the wall and attach your best knife. How gorgeous is that?! A beautiful kitchen knife deserves to be shown off… safely.

Beau Grain Magnetic Knife Holder, Knifewear | $85.00

Nothing Cheesy About Haloumi made in Calgary

Haloumi cheese has been increasing in popularity for the last several years popping up regularly on restaurant menus, in stores and cookbooks. This firm, brined and slightly springy or squeaky white cheese is traditionally made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk, although cow’s milk is also used. While it’s readily available in stores across Calgary, newly opened cheese maker Chinook Cheese makes the haloumi right here in the city. A fresh batch is made every day using 100 per cent Canadian milk products and is available in-store or wholesale. This versatile cheese can be used fresh, grilled, baked, fried, deep fried, grated – even marinated, lending itself perfectly to savoury or sweet dishes. It not only tastes great but is non-melting and holds its shape well when cooked.

With more Canadians wanting to know where their food is coming from, and how it’s being made, it’s a good time to be a local cheese maker. Find haloumi at Chinook Cheese available in plain, or flavoured with mint, chili, za’atar, basil or cumin.

Haloumi Meditteranean Cheese, Chinook Cheese | $8

Chinook Cheese
Brazilian Connection

A Brazilian coffee experience

Today, coffee is very much a part of our everyday life. Determining which coffee suits your lifestyle is part of the adventure that includes choosing coffee beans, filters, kettles, presses, pods and everything in-between to give us our daily coffee jolt.

About one-third of all the world’s coffee is grown in Brazil, as it is the largest exporter in the world suppling approximately 60 per cent of the world’s coffee. Brazilian Connection by Mina’s Brazilian Steakhouse, is in the entrance to the restaurant and offers all your favourite Brazilian food items and beverages. When you experience Mina’s, you have the option of enjoying a cup of café de roca, a traditional Brazilian countryside coffee served after your meal.

We recently visited Brazil Connection to learn about this coffee and how we could enjoy it at home. We were schooled in the art of creating the perfect cup of coffee starting with a kettle of boiling water. The hot water is slowly poured through a reusable cotton filter into a coffee cup fit into the bottom of the filter set. A spoon helps carefully guide the water through the coffee and filter allowing time for the ground coffee to release its oils and aromas. The finished product is a terrific cup of customizable coffee that many enjoy as an espresso or Americano. Find coffee beans and all the supplies needed to make your own special coffee
at Mina’s Brazilian Connection.

Kettle and Coffee Filter Set, Brazilian Connection | $24.00 – $69.00

Get stoked about oats

Stoked Oats was created by three local oatmeal-loving athletes seeking the ultimate breakfast to support their busy and active lifestyle. It started with a couple of longtime friends and a chance meeting between co-workers at a local gym. Simon Donato, Brad Slessor, and Shaun Stevens found they had something in common and started making their own oatmeal blends, hoping to produce the healthiest oatmeal on the market. They created four varieties of oats each containing their own mixture of superfoods like chia, flax, gluten-free oats, walnuts, almonds and dark chocolate.

In 2012, the entrepreneurs started selling their oats at the Millarville Farmers’ Market before launching in stores across Canada and through an online store. A couple of years later they pitched Dragon’s Den and received investment backing from one of the Dragons to help further their business goals. Today they oversee a production facility in Calgary and one in the East, ensuring the best oatmeal comes to market with most of the ingredients sourced locally, except items like coconut and coffee. Currently available in stores: Redline Oats, Bucking-Eh Oats, Aphrodisi-Oats, and Stone Age Oats. A fifth blend, Mountain Maple should be in stores by the time this issue hits the stands.

Stoked Oats, Luke’s Pharmacy, Blush Lane, Sunterra Market, Community Natural Foods | $9.99 – 12.99

Stoked Oats
Dancing Octopus Necklace

A new twist on old silver – Get Forked up

While not your typical Savour Calgary food feature, we stepped outside of the box to discover local jewelry at the Saskatoon Farm Christmas Market made from silver cutlery. This fascinating find has us intrigued and we couldn’t help ourselves in buying and sharing what we know about vintage cutlery jewelry. Making jewelry out of silverware is not new, in fact it dates back to the 1600s where a servant would pocket a piece of important cutlery like a silver fork to melt down and turn into a wedding ring or a gift for a loved one. In the 1960s hippies and flower children were making spoon rings and today, vintage jewelry has become quite a
popular gift.

Our friends at A Little Forked Up take old silver cutlery and turn each piece into a fabulous work of art. We fell in love with the dancing octopus pendant whose front tentacles move independently form the rear tentacles to give the piece movement and “dance” while being worn. The pendant measures approximately 6mm x 4.5mm at the longest and widest points and are sold on a 925 sterling silver chain in the length of your choosing. Forged together from two antique silver forks, it is sure to become your new favourite conversation piece. Browse the rest of their selection online.

Dancing Octopus Necklace | A Little Forked Up | | $55