Andrea Harling

A culinary gem nestled in the heart of the Calgary Farmers’ Market West, L’il Black Rooster promises an array of tasty handcrafted artisanal sandwiches.

Open Wednesday – Sunday.

L’il Black Rooster

L’il Black Rooster is a labour of love and a culinary venture dedicated to the art of sandwich making. Founded by celebrated local chef Andrea Harling of VBurger, and entrepreneurs Anton Shouli and Chris Fraser, the team ensures every bite is a memorable culinary experience. Located in the Calgary Farmers’ Market West, ‘Lil Black Rooster features sammies that mirror Harling’s zest for life and dedication to culinary excellence. “I have always wanted to have my own sandwich shop and it felt like the time was right,” she says. The menu showcases her artistic side with names like the Meatballer and Italian Job. Sides, a daily feature and sauces for purchase round out the menu. We’ve successfully conquered our first sando, the Rooster BLT, and are looking forward to working our way through the menu.

L’il Black Rooster | Calgary Farmers’ Market West | 25 Greenbriar Dr. N.W. | @lilblackroostereats