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Spring has sprung and we are soaking in the warm weather, planting our vegetable gardens and getting excited about summer. We’ve discovered some cool finds for this edition. A good jar of local honey deserves a bright, cheery honey pot. New tea towels featuring vegetables, plants, bees and flowers are beautiful left folded neatly on the counter after cleaning up messes from cocktail mixing. A long hard day of work, gardening or play, should always involve some sort of chocolate treats.

Le Creuset Honey Pot

Here is the counter accessory you never knew you needed. Once you’ve picked up your Bear Bait Honey, get yourself a Le Creuset Honey Pot with Dipper to store the honey on your kitchen counter. This charming, enameled stoneware honey pot in bright yellow takes up no space on your counter but brings a bit of sunshine into your kitchen. The lidded honey jar comes with a silicone dipper to swirl up your honey for tea, coffee, baking and desserts. It features a decorative bee scheme around its midsection and is large enough to hold up to .47 litres of honey. The pot has been fired at temperatures over 2,000 degrees ensuring longevity, and an impermeable exterior enamel is resistant to stains and scratches. With Mother’s and Father’s Days right around the corner, this is the perfect gift to give alongside a jar of locally made honey.