Calavera Cantina

Calgary loves its tacos, but hates trying to find parking. Enter Calavera Cantina. Located in the 130th Ave. S.E. shopping area, Calavera brings chef-driven Mexican cuisine to the suburbs. The venture shares a building with Pink Door Pizza and both are an expansion to the ever-on-the-grow Starbelly Group, which also bought
The Beltliner last year. Specializing in tequila and mezcal cocktails, the restaurant and bar are bright, spacious and colourful. We started with chicharrons and while we wanted to exercise some modicum of control later, they were just so darn addictive, we finished our plate (and may have licked it.) We could always beg forgiveness from the Our Lady of Perpetual Tacos mural on the wall, or order the plantain chips for a starter instead next time. They are also really delicious – and vegetarian to boot. We loved everything we tried, but the standout was the tuna crudo tostada. It’s really the perfect food with a great balance of flavours and textures from the creamy ahi to the crunchy jicama and crispy tostada with rich guacamole and bright pickled red onions. We highly recommend this one.