The Spice Chica

Hailing from Argentina, Chef Marina Mellino is passionate about Latin cuisine – particularly the world-famous Argentine barbecue. A student of art, a world traveler, a chef and a cookbook author, Marina is well versed in the art of international flavour. And now, she’s created the Spice Chica line of sauces, spices and blends. Her recently launched chimichurri steak sauce found its way onto our table this spring and it hasn’t left. To borrow a phrase, “We put that (stuff) on everything!” From steak to vegetables, this sauce is a flavour bomb that is the perfect combination of tang and spice making it a great marinade, condiment and sauce for…well…almost anything. If you’re barbecuing this summer, a jar of this gem will take your meals up a notch. Buy it at Kalamata, Unimarket and the Spice Chica website.