Curry Queens

When you get entrepreneurs together in the same space for long enough, they’re bound to cook up a new idea. Such was the case for Jeff and Joel Matthews, Safeer Rashid and Aly Punja – partners behind the new Curry Queens in Marda Loop. The Matthews’ Expat Asia and the Rashid/Puja family’s Taste of India booths at Fresh and Local Market and Kitchens are both well known for their flavourful fare. With a passion for curry and mothers who make the best (those would be the titular Curry Queens) the two families joined forces to create a curry-lover’s haven. Tucked in behind K-Thi Viet Cuisine, Curry Queens offers hot-takeout and frozen goods all made at their Fresh Market locations and packaged in sous-vide bags to maintain freshness and flavour. They’re prepped by sous-vide when you make your order and won’t spill on the way home. Genius. Curries from all over the world are featured on this menu and as a chef-driven, mom-approved, take-out restaurant, they are both authentic and innovative, not to mention delicious. Try the Thai red chicken curry and the chana masala with some crispy samosas to start. Get lots of rice and naan to sop up that delicious sauce!