mochi cream cheese bun

Cheese buns are a mouthwatering testament to Calgary’s diverse culinary scene. They are popular in various cuisines around the world, with different regions putting their own spin on them. Whether served as a delicious accompaniment to soup, a savoury addition to a brunch spread, or simply enjoyed on their own, cheese buns are an irresistible combination of bread and cheese that appeals to just about everyone.

Photo: Mochi Cream Cheese Bun, Wow Bakery

Glamorgan Bakery

Glamorgan Bakery’s cheese buns are legendary! This family owned business has been around since 1977. While ownership of the bakery has changed, their cheese buns are the same recipe that has been keeping Calgarians happy for years. Buttery and cheesy, the buns are made with cheddar cheese and available in white or whole wheat options.

Bolo Cakery

For all you cheese lovers, the cheese wheel at Bolo Cakery is definitely one to try. Layers of cheesy goodness in every bite, the 8” wheels are meant to be cut and toasted and are available plain or with bacon.

Butter Block & Co.

Located in the Devenish, Butter Block not only serves up buttery croissants, their Spicy Cheese Knots are definitely worth a try. The knots are not only cheesy, they’re also smoky and spicy. Prefer to bake them fresh? Butter Block’s cheese knots are available to bake at home.

Yum Bakery

If you are a lover of both cheese and garlic, the Roasted Garlic Cheese Buns from Yum Bakery are popular and available at both farmers’ markets. Roasted garlic butter is topped with cheddar cheese, rolled into a bun and topped with more cheese. Irresistible!

Wow Bakery

For a spin on the classic cheese bun, Wow Bakery serves up Mochi Cream Cheese Buns. The buns are chewy thanks to the mochi and are filled with soft cream cheese. Pick them up at one of their four locations in the city.