V Burger

January is Veganuary, a time for those wanting to change up their diets to embrace the vegan lifestyle for an entire month. It’s the best time to explore the abundance of vegan eateries in Calgary.

Whether your craving leans towards swift bites or upscale dining, we’ve uncovered the premier vegan eateries dishing out a range of good eats from Korean street toast and raw lasagna to popcorn chicken.

Photo credit: V Burger and Nan’s Noodle House

Veganism is undergoing a dynamic shift, breaking free from conventional thinking prompting innovative chefs and culinary artists to demonstrate vegan eating can be colourful, vibrant and bursting with flavours. Modern vegan cooking is embracing this movement that goes beyond imitating meat, but instead shines a spotlight on the simplicity of plants, herbs, vegetables, grains and fruit showcasing a culinary approach that’s rooted in nature.

It’s never been a better time to eat plants. To celebrate we’ve sourced some local eateries, restaurants, and cafes in all quadrants of the city offering some of the tastiest vegan bites.

Here’s some of the best plant-based locales in the city

V Burger
819 17 Ave. S.W. and Calgary Farmers’ Market West

Chef Andrea Harling draws on her culinary experience to create a delicious assortment of messy burgers, salty fries, milkshakes, dipped cones, ice cream sandwiches, and soulful bowls. The food here is all created in the kitchen, not grown in a lab. We’re already thinking about our next Root Beer Swirl shake with the BBQ Bac’n Cheezeburger and a side of Buffalo Caulifritters.

Street Eatery
890, 4th Ave. S.W.

Discover global inspired street food at this downtown eatery. While not exclusively vegan, the menu boasts an extensive selection dedicated to plant-based dishes, bringing the vibrant flavours of street food to your table. Try the Vegan Ginger Beef and Popcorn Chicken, where seitan steps in for meaty goodness. Grab a hold of one of the vegan sandwiches, like the Banh Mi or the Dream Burger, or go straight for one of the Vegan Plates.

saVeg Cafe
637 11th Ave. S.W.

This plant-based café by Youtuber Cheap Lazy Vegan. Their menu consists of Korean dishes like bibimbap, Korean curry on rice and tofu katsu curry. Their vegan bulgogi udon is made with their housemade bulgogi sauce. They have all day breakfast with vegan “no eggs” benedict and Korean street toast made with eggy tofu.

kb&co Calgary
926 16th Ave. S.W.

Born out of passion & necessity, and fuelled by community, the plant-based menu at kb&co in the Beltline is free of meat, dairy, egg, and soy products, with a focus on organic and local products. Start your day with the balsamic berry avocado toast or mason jar oats. The falafel mezze with a quinoa chickpea tabbouleh will settle down hunger pains, or dive into a the Thai lentil stew.

Copper Branch
201, 16th Ave. N.E.

Copper Branch has locations across Canada with no signs of slowing down. They see themselves as change-makers, committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity, community involvement, and world betterment. This is the place to be when you’ve got a hankering for a hamburger, burrito or fully loaded nachos.

Hearts Choices
4127 6th St. N.E. and in Calgary Farmers’ Market West

A well known fixture in the north, Hearts Choices can also be found in local farmers markets around town. Offering a diverse menu ranging from Thai delights like Khao Soi to burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, there’s a treat to suit all tastes. Those looking to branch out from tradition should try the unconventional delights such as jackfruit poutine, cauliflower wings, and even corn dogs.

Vegan Street Inglewood
1413 9th Ave. S.E.

While in Inglewood visit this eatery for their 100% plant-based menu includes lots of pub style faves like cheeze dip, kalamari made with blue oyster mushrooms and no-fish tacos made with palm heart. Brunch is available on Saturdays and Sunday and includes classics like bennies, chilaquiles and chickin and waffle stacks.

The Coup
924 17th Ave. S.W.

This 17th Avenue classic has been around for 20 years! Their inventive sushi rolls use eggplant unagi, ahi watermelon and mushroom bacon. Specialties include drunken noodles, mapo ragu and a hot pot with massaman curry broth. Brunch is served daily with fully vegan offerings.

Nan’s Noodle House
3103b Edmonton Trail North

Local chef Jay del Corro is one of the chefs behind this local favourite plant-based Asian kitchen and market. The noodle menu with broth features some tasty options like miso-mushroom broth, spicy coconut broth and even a spicy peanut broth. They have noodles without broth too, like pad thai and dan dan noodles. They also offer Banh Mi, Vietnamese subs, filled with pickled carrots, cucumbers, onions and non-dairy cheese along with a protein of your choice like lemongrass plant-based chicken, plant-based beef satay and plant-based cold cuts.

Monday’s Plant Café
208 4th St. N.E.

Located on 4th Street NE. If you are a fan of toast, they have some faves like avocado toast, almond butter toast and cashew ricotta toast, all using sidewalk citizen sourdough. Their signature foods include raw tacos, raw lasagna and they have a daily soup which rotates seasonally.  You can end on a sweet note with their peanut butter brownies or raw apricot cookie.

Multiple locations – Beltline, Brookfiled Place, 17th Avenue

Oakberry offers an extraordinary concept with its açai bowls and smoothies available in a build your own format. Choose the size and all your favourite toppings for a memorable experience. Options include nut butters, cacao nibs, granola, fruit, nuts coconut and more.

Tamarind Vietnamese Grill & Noodle House
908 12 Ave. S.W.

Bursting with savoury and aromatic flavours of fresh herbs, potent spices, spicy chiles, citrus and fish sauce, every dish at Tamarind Vietnamese Grill & Noodle House demonstrates harmony between flavours. Indulge in Tom Yum Soup, Pho Tau Hu Sate, Com Nep Nuong Vi Sat, Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe and so much more.

Canela Vegan Bakery & Cafe
1319 9th Ave. S.E.

A local vegan bakery and cafe, Canela was founded by a vegan for the vegans. Browse the assortment of items like cupcakes, croissants and danishes. A large cinnamon roll menu boasts flavours of Peppermint Mocha and Caramel Latte. If you’re looking for something savoury, try the frittatas, vegan sausage rolls or sandwiches.