The Mash

The Heier/Kozloski family are the owners and operators of Half Hitch Brewing Company in Cochrane. They also opened The Mash during Covid-19, a take-out and delivery pizza-and-beer eatery in Airdrie, Kensington and a third location opening in Mahogany. With the success of the brewery and restaurant in Cochrane, the family was looking to expand operations in a simpler, uncomplicated way. Beer and pizza seemed a natural fit. What sets The Mash apart is the fact they reuse everything including the spent grain leftover from brewing the beer. The grains are combined with Half Hitch Brewing Fire N’ Fury red ale and honey to create the pizza dough. Used grains are naturally low in sugars plus high in protein and fibre. Drop in for a beer, feature pizza, classic pizza, combo or to pick up a six pack.
Our recommendation, the dill pickle and bacon pizza.

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