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With dreams of spring on our minds, we’ve been playing with grow kits, Alberta-made products and zero-waste items. Growing herbs and mushrooms indoors has
kept us busy. Once they are ready, we like to sauté them and serve with steamed dumplings drizzled with chili oil. Toss any odd bits into your new compost
bin completing the zero-waste cycle. Purchase any of these products through their individual websites or browse each site to find a list of local retailers.

This month our Shop Local column also features Mushroom Kits from Red Fox Fungi, Compost Bins from Liz and Lottie, Kricket’s and Oil Jefe Co. chili oil.

Honest Dumplings

Honest Dumplings is an Edmonton-based company producing gourmet Chinese-style dumplings with wholesome ingredients and bold flavours. Creators Ray Ma and Chris Lerohl were disappointed with the selection of dumplings available in stores, so they decided to try selling Ma’s homemade dumplings in the local market. The venture was so successful, it inspired them to move forward with pop-ups and grocery-store deals. The packaging is eye-catching, the dumpling colours bright (dough is infused with vegetable juice, herbs, and spices) and the flavour combinations unique. A fan favourite is the Truffle Oil Mushroom Madness, inspired by Ma and Lerohl’s favourite pizza: funghi misti. It combines oyster, enoki, shiitake and white button mushrooms mixed with caramelized onions and drizzled with white truffle oil. Find the full line-up online including plant-based dumplings, meat varieties like, May Contain Traces of Sincerity – Ginger Beef Bites, and even limited edition flavours. We adore their dumplings and love the fact they take the leftover dumpling dough and create zero-waste
noodles also available for purchase.

Honest Dumplings | $15.00 |