Happy Stress-free Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, which, of course, heralds the beginning of the sometimes wacky weeks-long festive season. Gathering with friends and family is essential, but make no mistake, it’s all about the food. Whatever this looks like for you, it looks like a roast turkey for over 70 percent of those polled in a recent Think Turkey survey from Canadian Turkey. Admit it, however you prepare the big bird, it really doesn’t feel like the holidays without it.

Apparently, in Alberta we eat more giblets than anywhere else in the country, whatever that tells you. Even if you aren’t enamoured with the idea of eating a gizzard outright, make sure the innards end up in the stock you use for the gravy. I mean it, your grandmother is watching!

Based on the poll, and needless to say, the majority of Canadians feel Canadian Thanksgiving is better than American Thanksgiving. Of course it is.

When it comes to feast days of any stripe, the sense of tradition is mighty powerful. According to a whopping 85 percent of all respondents, roasting the bird in the oven is far and away the most common way of cooking their turkey. To whet the appetite of those of you who would like to shake things up a bit, try turkey with a twist. Check out these links to recipes from Think Turkey.

Garlic Brown Sugar Dy Brined Turkey

Maple Whisky Smoked Turkey

Bourbon Glazed Turkey

Pumpkin Spiced Turkey

Lavender Honey Turkey

Turkey Roulade with Cranberry, Leek and Goat Cheese

Even as more and more Canadians pass the torch to the younger generation, Butterball Canada assures us turkey continues to play a pivotal role in the celebrations. When in doubt about turkey size and cooking times, check out their quick and easy Turkey Calculator.