In writing this column one phrase keeps coming to mind, “You can’t keep a good person down.” In the face of adversity, our community continues to show resilience. We’ve discovered the most delicious locally made vegan chocolate and pancake mixes, new products to spice up our cooking, resources to prevent food waste and quality Italian tomatoes that really make a difference in taste.

Our March April 2022 issue has some amazing local finds! We’re excited about all the tomato products available at Scarpone’s and The Italian Store, pancakes and waffles made easy from Lannie Rae Gourmet, hot sauces from Knockout Heat Co. and Hemp-Fresco Organic Food Pads.

Dwarf Stars

Eating healthier is on the agenda this year and we were excited to discover nut free, gluten-free, dairy-free vegan chocolate that tastes amazing and is made right here in Calgary. It’s like we can have our cake, (chocolate) and eat it too. Dwarf Stars was created in 2018 by Kathryn Kozody and red seal chef Gerrit Janssen. The pair wanted to ensure everyone, allergies or not, could enjoy chocolate. Their first product was dry-roasted chickpeas covered in pumpkin-seed butter and vegan chocolate which looked like little asteroids, inspiring their astrological business name. The team has since expanded their offerings to include small chocolates, baking chocolate and bars plus seasonal items made using ethically-sourced cocoa products. The bonbons are a lovely gift to give, or receive, but the pumpkin-seed keto butter cups might be one of our favourite things. The product is currently available at 400 retailers across Canada and, with a possible expansion into the US market, this is a team reaching for the stars.

Galaxy Bonbon gift boxes | Dwarf Stars | $26.99 |