Paella is a traditional Spanish dish that originated in the Valencia region.

It’s a flavourful and aromatic one-pan rice dish cooked with a variety of ingredients, often including saffron, giving the dish its distinctive yellow colour. The name “paella” refers to the wide, shallow pan used to cook the dish and the seasonings depend on the region and ingredients that are used.

Las Carnarias
Enjoy a taste of Spain at Las Carnarias. Enjoy Paella for two and choose from a variety of options like vegetarian paella, seafood, chicken and chorizo, even chicken and seafood. They even have a black rice paella with calamari and prawns. It takes roughly 45 minutes to cook, so you can check out all their other tasty offerings while you wait.

Barcelona Tavern
Mediterranean flavours can be found at Barcelona Tavern. The paella section on their menu includes Seafood Paella with a variety of seafood, Blunch Paella with chorizo, bacon and eggs and Steak and Shrimp Paella with AAA beef, chorizo and prawns. They also have Blackened Chicken Paella with chargrilled chicken and Chef’s Party which includes seafood and chicken.

Sabor a Peru
Get an authentic taste of Peru at Sabor a Peru. Discover Arroz Con Camarones, a paella-style rice with shrimp. If you like all seafood, you definitely must try the Arroz Con Mariscos, a Peruvian mixed seafood rice.

Pio Peruvian
Arroz Con Mariscos is on the menu at Pio Peruvian. The Peruvian Seafood Paella is made to order and includes calamari, shrimp, mussels and clams. Save room for the Alfajores, a shortbread like cookie filled with dulce de leche.

Rio Bar & Grill
Head downtown to Rio Bar and Grill for their Paella For Two. The saffron rice is loaded with bell peppers, chicken and an assortment of seafood.