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Spring has sprung and we are soaking in the warm weather, planting our vegetable gardens and getting excited about summer. We’ve discovered some cool finds for this edition. A good jar of local honey deserves a bright, cheery honey pot. New tea towels featuring vegetables, plants, bees and flowers are beautiful left folded neatly on the counter after cleaning up messes from cocktail mixing. A long hard day of work, gardening or play, should always involve some sort of chocolate treats.

Inspirati Fine Linens & Home Essentials

Inspired by her grandmother’s linen shop in England and regular trips to Europe, Wendy Brownie’s Inspirati Fine Linens and Home Essentials is now celebrating 10 years in business. Offering linens and home essentials from all over North America and Europe, Inspirati is a perfect stop for a home makeover, or just to freshen things up. We’ve always had a soft spot for tablecloths, runners and tea towels and admittedly might have too many to count. The Le Jacquard Francais tea towels are a beautiful addition to our collection and an item Wendy calls the workhorses of the kitchen. They don’t fade, shrink or stain, and can last for years without losing their colour. They also hold up to drying our Knifewear Japanese knives. A bright assortment of colours and patterns are available for spring and summer, making them the perfect gift to give someone, or gift yourself.

Spring Tea Towels | Inspirati Fine Linens & Home Essentials | $38.00 |