The end of summer has arrived and it’s time to dine al fresco as much as possible before the snow flies again. Here are a few great products to get you started.

Set up your posh picnic this summer with the Deluxe Picnic Basket from Lee Valley Tools, and brighten any picnic with a Le Jacquard Français Beach Towel from Inspirati Fine Linens.

lil empire sausages

Empire Provisions

We have loved the quality and innovative products that come from the creative duo Karen Kho and Dave Sturies long before 2017 when they opened Empire Provisions on Elbow Dr. S.W. Since then, their sausages, charcuterie and so much more have delighted the cold-cut cognoscenti. And you can’t get any more local; their commitment to locally sourced ingredients, especially meat, is unparalleled. Their house-made hot dogs and smokies are not just super tasty, they will dispel any doubts the suspicious (What’s in this?) wiener purchaser might harbour. Since wieners are sausages, we would be remiss not to mention the excellent sausages with a great line-up of flavours. If you have a favourite, call first to make sure they have it.

Hot Dogs and Assorted Sausages | Empire Provisions | Starting at $9.99/pack |