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More than any other, we’ve welcomed this summer with wide open arms, almost running to catch it and ensure it doesn’t slip away. While we are still facing uncertain times, we can still look forward to long walks by the river, barbecuing in our backyards, creating a great charcuterie board, picnics in the park, and continuing to enjoy great food and drink from local businesses.

This month our Shop Local column also features these amazing local products: Truffles from Say Cheese Fromagerie, Bow Valley BBQ Sauces and Salsa, The Ukey Ukrainian Sausage and Mustards from Tubby Dog and Vino Jelly Gourmet.

Barbecues Galore

Every summer we find a new item to adore and can’t stop playing with it. This summer it is the Cedar Wraps by Fire & Flavor, available to purchase at Barbecues Galore. These cool wraps are certified food safe and made with western red cedar. They require soaking for about ten minutes before adding prepared ingredients, wrapping, and securing with butcher’s twine which is included in the box. Drop them into a grill pan, oven, gas or charcoal grill and let them steam and infuse the ingredients inside. They are adaptable and perfect for barbecues, park picnics or even camping. Since we first started experimenting, we’ve grilled vegetables, halibut, shrimp, salmon and cheese. Another favourite is chicken breasts. Slice two chicken breasts in half lengthwise, drizzle on some Bow Valley BBQ Total Jerk sauce, add a slice of Monterey Jack pepper cheese, sliced red onion, peppers and asparagus, season with salt and pepper, wrap, roll and grill for ten to fifteen minutes. Makes a stunning presentation served in wraps topped with fresh cilantro.  Hot tip: Soak the wraps in wine, whiskey or craft beer for extra flavour.

Cedar Wraps | Barbecues Galore | $14.99 |