Summer has arrived and it’s time to dine al fresco as much as possible before the snow flies again. Here are a few great products to get you started.

Set up your posh picnic this summer with the Deluxe Picnic Basket from Lee Valley Tools, and brighten any picnic with a Le Jacquard Français Beach Towel from Inspirati Fine Linens.


Metrovino Fine Wines

Humble as it may be, wine in a can is a boon to the dedicated picnicker. The al fresco diner, outdoor festival aficionado and Shakespeare-in-the-park buff all benefit from this light-hearted trend as well. No heavy bottles to carry, no glass to break… and wine in a can is quirky and fun, which is what summer sips and outdoor eating are all about. With some genuinely worthy quaffs out there these days, no need to settle for overly sweet alcoholic soda in a can.

Weingut Leitz in Germany produces two very cool, canned, non-alcoholic sparkling wines (Riesling and rosé), both called Eins Zwei Zero. They are de-alcoholised, meaning they gently remove the alcohol from their award-winning wines through a low temperature distillation system, ensuring the wine still tastes like, well, wine.

For those of us who like a little alcohol when we tipple, Frico by Scarpetta (Lambrusco) offers a charming Italian sparkling wine in an even more charming can. Slightly sweet and a bit tart, this is a perfect picnic potable.

Wine in a Can | Metrovino Fine Wines | Frico: $25.00 for 4 cans | Leitz: $6.00 each |