Summer has arrived and with-it come greener pastures, long hot days, al fresco dining, sizzling barbecues with friends, spontaneous picnics, enjoying the fruits and vegetables of the season and supporting local businesses. We’re tucking into summer with a few fresh favourites.

This summer we are also enjoying ice cream sandwiches from Abbey’s Creations, fermented ketchup from Culture Shocked, mustards from Cian’s Mustards and the Hamilton Beach Whole Fruit Juice Extractor.

Canadian influencer and award-winning blogger Ryan Massel, aka Mr. Fabulous, is a well-known friend and LGBTQ ally to many in Calgary. After being inspired at the Pride Parade in Nashville in 2008, Ryan returned to Calgary and started the LOVED. Collection: a charitable initiative that partners with brands to create products that share the past, present and future of the LGBTQ community all while reminding them they are LOVED. In four short years, Ryan has collaborated and co-created more than 20 products telling LGBTQ stories with most products launching this year in mid-August. A collaboration with local artist and AUArts alum Mike Hooves for a new Local Laundry t-shirt resulted in a garment that will be available all year long. Another product we love is Broken Spirits Distillery’s line of LOVED. cocktails in pride colours including hot pink and turquoise, the two colours removed from the original pride flag in 1979. Follow for regular updates and all the items in the LOVED. Collection.

Learn more about the LOVED. Collection products.

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