Calgary Meals on Wheels is gearing up to kick off the 1st official year of YYC Summer Scoop Fest, Calgary’s newest, coolest festival!

YYC Summer Scoop Fest will run from June 30 – July 7 and encourages Calgarians to cool down pre-Stampede with the tasty, chilled treats local businesses have to offer. Vendors will compete for the coveted titles of Best Scoop, Best Non-Dairy Scoop, and the special Golden Scoop Award, with over 30 participating cafés, restaurants, and chocolatiers creating one-of-a-kind treats for Calgarians to enjoy.

Attendees can rate each treat they try through the link on the YYC Summer Scoop Fest website. A portion of the proceeds from each treat sold will benefit Calgary Meals on Wheels.

For more information about the event, and to check out the full lineup (launches June 28), visit