About Dan Domanko

Daniel Domanko was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. After completing his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary in 2003, Daniel began working as a chemist in the oil and gas industry. His career has allowed him to work across Canada, on six continents to over 37 different countries, and to 30 of the US States. During these business travels, Daniel found an infatuation for food, food cultures, traditions, and everything barbecue. His time spent along the Gulf coast of the United States further developed his passion for barbecue, so much so, that he smokes and barbecues through all seasons and even operates a local BBQ spice company. Smoke N Season, features spices that are designed for BBQing and Smokers (can be used elsewhere as well). They have no fillers, anti-caking agents, or preserving chemicals. All are gluten-free, MSG-free, and vegan.  smokenseason.ca