About Respect the Technique

Respect the Technique are Chefs Kaede Hirooka and Jonathan Chung. Chef Kaede Hirooka likes long moonlit walks on the beach during the day. Kaede started his career in London Ontario in 1997. In 2001, after he finished his formal training, he went to the Canadian rockies to work in Lake Louise and Banff. After 2 solid years there, Kaede traveled to Tokyo to work in an Izakaya. His experiences in Japan shaped his career. Since returning to Canada, he has been an Executive Chef in Vancouver, as well as Calgary at the Vintage Chophouse. Currently, he is the Restaurant Chef at the Marriott Calgary Downtown. His proudest moment was winning the Top Mentorship Award from the Alberta Apprenticeship Board. Chef Jonathan Chung was born and raised in Vancouver and arrived in Calgary December 2012. Since then, he has been gathering experiences from different restaurants, such as Rush, River Cafe, and Teatro. He has a great passion for Asian food, and a greater passion for Japanese food. Much of his inspiration comes from eating experiences in Asia, mixed with his knowledge of Canadian ingredients.
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