Surfy Surfy Bar

Surfy Surfy Bar, Concorde Group’s latest outing, set up shop in a totally tubular space in Chinook Mall. Located on the main floor beneath Double Zero, this sunny space is perfect for a signature margarita and lunch of So-Cal fare with a Korean twist. We very much enjoyed the tuna ceviche to start, which was fresh, creamy and offered just a hint of heat with the togarashi mayo. Worth mentioning are the tortilla chips, which manage to find that perfect crisp. We’re told balls of tortilla dough are delivered to the restaurant then pressed in-house before they’re thrown on the flat top for some extra bubbles and browning. We loved the al pastor taco
and the chicken gringas – a take on a quesadilla with gochugaru (Korean red chili) and a zippy citrus agave dip.

Surfy Surfy Bar | 6455 Macleod Tr. S.W. | 403.863.7356 |