dumpling maker

A dough press set and rolling circle cutter are essential kitchen tools for anyone who loves to cook and eat dumplings.

These two items are the assistants you never knew you needed in the kitchen for making dumplings.

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Lee Valley Tools

As kids, we made pierogi by hand-rolling the dough into logs, cutting pieces, flattening, rolling into circles, adding filling and pinching to seal before setting on a sheet covered in a tea towel and dusted with flour. I still follow this process when I make pierogi with my family. With the invention of the pierogi-or dumpling-maker, home-made pierogi are now an attainable feat for the humble home cooks who don’t have the patience to make these cherished dumplings by hand. Factor in a rolling circle cutter and you will have homemade pierogi in no time. Fillings can include combinations of onion, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, potato, cheese, bacon, mushroom, poppyseed or fruit.

Dough Press Set and Rolling Circle Cutter | Lee Valley Tools | $11.90-$16.50 | leevalley.com