Kinjo Express

Treat yourself to sushi for lunch with this yummy box from Kinjo Express

Village Pita

Delicious fatayer (hand pies) from Village Pita come in meat and spinach options.

Banh Mi Phuong Mai

Crunchy, crispy and chewy these banh mi subs from Phuong Mai tick all the boxes.

Fall is here and while it signifies the return of pumpkin spice and sweater weather, it also means back to school, school and work lunches. Luckily there is not shortage of delicious and convenient ideas of grab and go food to enjoy in Calgary all while supporting local.

For The Bento Box

You can’t go wrong with the cheese buns from Glamorgan Bakery. These famous buttery rolls are available in both white or whole wheat. While they can be polished off in no time, they also freeze really well.

2 Greek Gals have you covered for bento snacks. Their Asiago Tiri dip is perfect for veggies or crackers. Even better, grab some of their pita chips or yam chips to enjoy the cheesy dip with. Find them at the Calgary Farmer’s Market.

Kinjo Express has made sushi both convenient and affordable making it very easy to grab and go. Their sushi trays are already premade and they have a variety to choose from so you can enjoy both rolls or fresh nigiri. They have a number of locations in the city to enjoy.

For The Thermos

Soup is an obvious choice for a hot thermos lunch. Primal Soup Company has been making gluten free, made from scratch soups for over 30 years! They have so many different flavours to satisfy every palate. We recommend their Thai Coconut Chicken or their Cream of Mushroom.

Dumplings make a fabulous lunch! Located in a strip mall in Rundle, Deng’s Dumplings have become internet famous and many Calgarians are discovering why. Their pork dumplings can be purchased cooked or frozen and will stay warm in a thermos until lunch.

Add some spice to your lunch with Channa Masala from Deepak’s Dhaba. Vegan and gluten-free, this chickpea dish will add a lot of zing to your packed lunch. While the flavourful dish can be purchased fresh, it is also available frozen and can easily be pulled out for a quick and convenient meal. They are located in Crescent Heights with a new location at the Calgary Farmer’s Market West.

Hand Held Meals

Head to Short Pants Plaza in the NE to Village Pita Bakery and pick up a box of hand pies or fatayer. These mini pies come in a pack of twelve and two or three make a perfect lunch. They are available in both meat or spinach options.

While you’re at Short Pants Plaza, also check out Lloyds Patty Plus and get a taste of the islands with their Jamaican patties. Their authentic pies are available in chicken, beef or vegetable and come in two different sizes. You can purchase them frozen or freshly baked.

You might need two hands to enjoy the Vietnamese subs from Banh Mi Phuong Mai.  The buns are crusty on the outside, soft on the inside and full of deliciousness. The subs are a great option for a grab and go meal and their sate chicken and beef options are tasty and filling.