If you’re looking for a sweet and nutty treat, baklava fits the bill. Made with layers of buttery phyllo pastry, this decadent dessert is loaded with nuts and sweetened with sugar or honey. Baklava is a staple for some when celebrating special occasions. Find this delectable treat at these local eateries in Calgary.

Anatolia Turkish Food

Tasse Bakery

14, 3220 5 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB

Tasse Bakery has been around for over five years and located in the north east. While their specialty is knafeh, they make an assortment of baklava. Their mixed baklava squares are filled with cashews, walnuts and pistachios. Their pistachio baklava are rolled and filled with imported pistachios resulting in a pretty hue of green. While there pick up some Bourma, a phyllo dough-based dessert made with a layer of handmade shredded kataifi and soaked in a simple syrup.

Photo credit: Tasse Bakery

Byblos Bakery

2479 23 Street NE, Calgary, AB

Byblos Bakery started making handmade pita in 1975. Today they make a variety of products including baklava, available in store and at grocery stores in Western Canada. Paper thin layers of phyllo are filled with cashews, almonds or pistachios covered with butter and honey. Baklava options include Almond Rose, Cashew Rose, Cashew Roll, Hazelnut, Pecan Rose and Walnut Bar.

Anatolia Turkish Food

Crossroads Market, Calgary Farmer’s Market South

For over 10 years, Anatolia has been offering Calgarians Turkish cuisine. Popular Mediterranean dishes include lamb and chicken kababs, lamb shank and Borek. The in-house made baklava is filled with green pistachios imported from Turkey, and phyllo pastry made from scratch. A special phyllo rolling machine creates the dough ensuring the most flavourful baklava.

Photo credit: Anatolia Turkish Food

Beirut Street Food

Bay C, 7220 Fairmount Drive SE, Calgary

Beirut Street Food creates authentic Lebanese food with a twist. Beef and chicken are cooked on spits over burning charcoal and served with freshly baked pita. Baklava is made daily with crispy, buttery layers of phyllo and available as bites or in a box.

Photo credit: Beirut Street Food


4140 6 Street NE, Calgary

Local family-owned business Doughlicious is built on the belief that good food connects people of all backgrounds. Discover traditionally made pita pies, fresh baked pitas, samosas, chicken, skewers and baklava. The sweet, crunchy and flaky baklava is available for pick-up and delivery.

Photo credit: Doughlicious

Beirut Bakery

3210 17 Avenue SW, Calgary

Beirut Bakery has been serving savoury pockets filled with falafel, chicken, spinach, feta and donair for years. This local bakery located on 17th Avenue south west creates baklava in-house and offers it in individual pieces or trays.

Beirut Street Food