MIK Coffee Shop

Spring has sprung, and Calgary cafes are bursting with vibrant flavours to match the season.

We’ve curated a selection of delightful beverages that are guaranteed to quench your thirst and awaken your taste buds.

Photo Credit: MIK Coffee Shop

While it may not always feel like it with our Calgary weather, spring has sprung! The best way to tell is with all the fun and springtime drinks available locally. Grab a drink with a friend and celebrate spring with these delicious flavours.

Primary Colours
Calgary’s Britannia neighborhood boasts Primary Colours, a vibrant café led by chef Matthias Fong (ex-River Café) and the Monogram Coffee team. Looking for a spring pick-me-up? The Marigold Tonic or Seabuckthorn Cherry mocktails are sure to whet your whistle.

Good Earth Café
The spring drinks at Good Earth Café feature subtle floral flavours of rose and lavender. Their Lavender Latte is fragrant with a hint of vanilla and can be made hot or iced. Their Chocolate Strawberry Rose Latte is a spin on a chocolate dipped strawberry and can also be made hot or iced. If you like bubbles, their Strawberry Rose Cremosa will hit the spot with a splash of strawberry rose syrup, sparkling water and topped with cream.

Analog Coffee
Analog is ready to get into summer mode. Their new lineup features 5 new flavours with smoke, fire, citrus, bright colours and smooth espresso.  Their drinks include Smoked Citrus Cold Brew, Creamsicle Ice Latte and Hibiscus Iced Tea. They even have carbonated beverages like their Espresso and Tonic and Mandarin Matcha Spritz.

Alforno is getting in on the action with some fun spring drinks. The Lavender Latte is available both hot and iced, the Ube Cold Foam Latte is bright and cheery, and the Lavender Latte Lemon Fizz will keep you refreshed.

MIK – Coffee & Shop
MIK Coffee bursts into spring with a sparkling selection! Choose from refreshing flavours like pink lemon, yuzu peach and cool lime. Feeling creamy? Don’t miss their dreamy spring strawberry Cloud drinks.

Waves Coffee Shop
Craving a cool spring drink? Waves Coffee has you covered! Opt for a classic Italian soda or a vibrant fruit lemonade. For a coffee fix, try the Shakerato – a perfectly frothy blend of espresso, ice and sweetness!

Sought x Found Coffee Roasters
Inspired by a visit to Kyoto with cherry blossoms in bloom, is the Strawberry Serenade available at Sought x Found Coffee Roasters. A luxurious matcha espresso iced latte that tastes like strawberry without the addition of strawberries!

Good Trade Co.
Good Trade Co. welcomes spring with a bouquet of refreshing drinks! Sip on a zesty Ginger Peach Spritzer, quench your thirst with a Strawberry Hibiscus Iced Tea, or savour a classic Mint Lime-ade. Feeling adventurous? Try their sparkling espresso or explore their full summer menu featuring iced lattes and a bubbly option!

Cluck N Cleaver
Quench your thirst alongside your Cluck N Cleaver favourites! Their house-brewed Just Sweet Enough Iced Tea is made with real tea leaves, fresh lemon juice, and a touch of sweetness. The perfect complement to their delicious rotisserie chicken or juicy sandwiches.