Wheat Whisky and Moscato Brandy now available

As we move into fall and winter, some of you may not be ready for the snow yet, but Bridgeland Distillery has some exciting news that will warm you right up. They are releasing two new exclusive items from their Artisan’s Collection.

Continuing their tradition of innovation – Wheat Whisky with Moscato Brandy Finish and Moscato Brandy with Coruja Finish earlier in the year – the coming fall releases are sure to be just as intriguing and comforting. Taber Corn Whisky has arrived in September, Bridgeland?s own Berbon taken to a new level with two years of aging. Using sweet mash and made in pot-still small batches creates more sweetness and woodsy notes than ever before.

But wait, there’s more!

Bridgeland‘s Apple Brandy has been released and it’s well worth the splurge.

Made in the traditional style of Calvados from Normandy, they?ve put a local spin on it. The cider base is made from Okanagan’s Gala, Red Delicious, and Macintosh apples. The Apple Brandy glows with apples on the nose and caramel notes, thanks to two years of wood aging.

Stop by the Distillery for a taste and to learn more about the process behind making our fall spirits. Our distillery is open for tours! How often do you get to see the distilling process from grain/grapes to glass? You’ll get to see all the details that go into making spirits during a tour at Bridgeland Distillery. The best part? You can try 3 samples of your favourite spirit, including any of the Artisan Collection.

For more information visit Bridgeland Distillery.