First Avenue Corner Store

In the centre of Bridgeland, tucked in behind its sister restaurant, Shiki Menya, is family-owned First Avenue Corner Store (FACS). FACS is a tiny restaurant inspired by Japanese convenience stores known for selling traditional crustless katsu sandwiches. Accessed from the alley or their takeout window when weather permits and open from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., FACS sells a range of katsu sandwiches including a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Chicken Sando, an Aji Fish Sando and a Beef Menchi Katsu Sando.

You can also order a variety of rice dishes including a Cheese Katsu Curry, snacks such as Chicken Karaage and Beef Curry Poutine and their Shiki Menya DIY Ramen Kits to go. On Fridays and Saturdays only, FACS also sells the much-loved Japanese curry bun. But don’t dawdle, these sell out fast.

On our visit, we tucked into one of the few cozy tables and tried OG Katsu Sando served with a side of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Yes, it’s as good as it looks, tender panko-crumb-coated fried chicken or pork with tonkatsu sauce and shredded lettuce tucked in between two crustless pieces of fresh Japanese milk bread. Note: FACS is closed Sundays.

First Avenue Corner Store | 824 1st Ave. N.E. | 403.454.2722 |