Foreign Concept

We’ve taken the opportunity during the pandemic to rediscover some Calgary classics. Duncan Ly’s Foreign Concept in the Beltline still delights! We started with a beautiful glass of Tommasi Pinot grigio to enjoy with our starters: the tuna tataki and pork siu steamed buns. Not only were the dishes eye candy like nobody’s business, but so much careful attention is paid to balanced flavours and complementary textures that we were sorry to find we’d taken our last bites. We enjoyed the Sunterra Farms lemongrass pork chop and chargrilled shaking beef short rib. We learned that the “shaking” in the name refers to the tossing of the beef back and forth in the wok after it’s quickly seared. Both meals were hearty, delicious and accessible with a few surprises including a delightful little Vietnamese meatloaf accompanying the pork chop. For dessert – we barely had room, but we managed – we had the yuzu cheesecake and tapioca ube pudding. A sweet and bright finish to a beautiful meal! We invite you to check out your Calgary favourite this fall!