Shop Local

In writing this column one phrase keeps coming to mind, “You can’t keep a good person down.” In the face of adversity, our community continues to show resilience. We’ve discovered the most delicious locally made vegan chocolate and pancake mixes, new products to spice up our cooking, resources to prevent food waste and quality Italian tomatoes that really make a difference in taste.

Our early Spring issue has some amazing local finds! We’re excited about vegan chocolate from Dwarf Stars, all the tomato products available at Scarpone’s and The Italian Store, pancakes and waffles made easy from Lannie Rae Gourmet and Hemp-Fresco Organic Food Pads.

Knockout Heat Co.

Empire Provisions and Lil’ Empire owners Karen Kho and David Sturies continue to build their empire by launching Knockout Heat Co. with partner Kevin Nelson. What started as a love of all things spicy has turned into four new hot sauces created for those who love to cook, and love to eat. These small-batch fermented sauces are made using local ingredients, and they pack a punch. They include serrano vinegar, red habanero hot sauce, habanero peach hot sauce and serrano lime hot sauce. The chili’s in these hot sauces will make you sweat and ignite the fire within offering a unique, spicy Valentine’s Day gift. Find them online and in-store at Empire Provisions. Follow the website or social channels for information and new product updates.

Knockout hot sauces | Knockout Heat Co. | $12.00 |