Moji Bakery

On a chilly winter morning, there’s nothing better than a warm drink paired with a few of Moji Bakery’s pandebono. Soft and cheesy, these round, bite-sized breads turn magically chewy when heated up. Pandebono is a traditional, gluten-free Colombian bread primarily made of cassava flour (which lends its signature texture), cornmeal and cheese. Moji Bakery specializes in both regular cheese pandebono and pandebono filled with guava jam.


Founded in 2017 by Martha Perdomo, Moji Bakery was created to bring this popular Colombian staple to Calgarians. Alongside her daughter, Angelica, Martha spent nearly a decade perfecting her pandebono using local ingredients. This was no easy feat as traditional Colombian cheese is the star of pandebono, and it is not only difficult to source, but even harder to replicate. Through trial and error, Martha found an ideal mix of cheeses to make her pandebono as authentic as possible.

Each pandebono is handmade, and thanks to the deliciously addictive nature of these buns, Moji Bakery has cultivated a loyal following at farmers’ markets in the Calgary area. Angelica says that while running Moji Bakery is a lot of hard work, the farmers’ market community and regular customers make it all worthwhile. In the future, the duo hopes to sell pandebono at more Calgary locations. In the meantime, we won’t judge if you eat a whole bag of six pandebono in one sitting!

Moji Bakery | Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers’ Market and Millarville Christmas Market (Nov. 4-7, 2021) | 1320 5th Ave. N.W. and 306097 192nd St., Millarville | |

La Mano

Few things have brought more joy during the pandemic than a monthly delivery of handmade fresh pasta, complete with all the sauces and garnishes required for a delicious meal. La Mano’s Pasta Club delivers just that, along with a corresponding recipe created by a different local chef each month. Owner Aaron Ellard started La Mano in the wake of repeated COVID restaurant shutdowns, and together with chefs Carl Warren and Mike Pigot has created a burgeoning pasta empire comprised of a pasta shop and sandwich deli, a stall churning out pasta dishes at First Street Market, and the Pasta Club subscription service.

La mano

La Mano’s pastas are all handmade daily, and the dizzying assortment, from tagliatelle to Creste Di Gallo are on full display at First Street Market. Marketgoers will find favourites like cacio e pepe and carbonara. But the stall’s showstopper is their Vodka and Burrata, a plate of perfectly al-dente rigatoni smothered in La Mano’s bright and creamy vodka sauce, topped with fresh basil and soft Italian burrata cheese. This vodka sauce proved to be so popular with regulars that it is now available by the bottle, in addition to their takes on red, rosé, and ragu sauces.

While their First Street Market stall was beset with construction delays and logistical challenges, Warren and Ellard are optimistic about the future of La Mano, with plans to expand their menu at the stall and explore multicultural flavours through their Pasta Club. Check out La Mano’s fresh handmade pasta and house-made sauces at First Street Market and their pasta shop — you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

La Mano| First Street Market; La Mano store | 1327 1st St. S.W., 101, 342 15th Ave. S.W. | 587.349.1714 |