blackened catfish

While catfish is not usually something you think of when you think of Calgary, several local restaurants offer catfish on their menus in various forms.

Catfish is known for its mild flavour and can be cooked in different ways – fried, blackened and simmered, to name a few. Here are some of the great ways it can be enjoyed in Calgary.

Jane Bond BBQ

You can find Fried Catfish Bites at Jane Bond BBQ. These fried beauties are served with a dill pickle dip. Build your own platter and add on some smoked meat and sidekicks.

The Blues Can

Enjoy catfish with a side of music at The Blues Can. Blackened Catfish is served here in their Po’Boy Sandwich. The sandwich is garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and coleslaw and served with regular fries, sweet potato fries or salad.

Bagolac Saigon Restaurant

Catfish can be found in a traditional Vietnamese dinner at Bagolac Saigon. The catfish is simmered in a clay hot pot with assorted spices and delivered hot to your table. This pairs wonderfully with some steamed rice.

Yenny Delights

Get a taste of the islands with the Catfish Pepper Soup from Yenny Delights.  This Afro Caribbean Restaurant specializes in authentic African dishes.

Comery Block

You can find catfish two ways at Comery Block on 17th Avenue. You can order a Fried Catfish Sandwich with various heat levels, from mild to spicy. If tacos are more to your liking, they offer up Catfish Tacos. A side of corn bread and honey butter pairs perfectly.