V-is for Victory… and V-Burger

Chef Andrea Harling (Made Foods) has come up with a spectacular vegan menu at 17th Ave.’  V-Burger. With a vast choice of patties, sides, sauces and desserts, this cute little burger joint is a dream for vegan diners. Chef Andrea’s favourite? The chickpea kimchi burger. We had the creamy mushroom burger and loved it. But the star of the show for us was the milkshake. Choose from soy, oat or coconut milk bases for V-Burger’s proprietary ice cream mix and prepare to enjoy one of the finest milkshakes you’ve ever tasted. We had the strawberry with coconut milk ice cream, but are confident any of the 11 flavours would be fantastic. Watch for more of these as the model is designed for franchising and a health-conscious fast-food place like this is sure to catch on.