Ellie’s Kitchen + Bar

Ellie’s Kitchen + Bar is Calgary’s newest fine dining restaurant to open featuring traditional West African and Caribbean cuisine. The menu includes dishes made with spicy Suya, savoury jollof rice, jerk chicken, oxtail and fried fish. Located in the historical brick building formerly inhabited by Bookers BBQ Grill and Crab Shack, owners Bismark Opoku and Garfield Aikman bring cultural influences and former restaurant experience to the newly opened eatery. Bismark intends to stay true to his roots by offering the traditional Ghanaian food he grew up with, while integrating his love for Jamaican cuisines with Canadian classics. He’s sourced chefs from New York, Montreal and Toronto to help execute the menu. This pair intends to grow the brand and expand with additional restaurants in the future.

Ellie’s Kitchen + Bar | 316 3rd St. S.E. | 403.899.0041 | ellieskitchen.ca

Editors note: Ellie’s has permanently closed (Summer 2022)