If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we love to eat. For comfort, joy, sadness, boredom… and I’m okay with that. With hot, sunny days on our minds, we’re sliding into summer with some ideas to keep food simple: like shopping for local produce, supporting local farmers, new seasonings and sauces to enjoy on the barbecue, beautiful new dishes for our patio parties and a new way to keep leftovers fresher longer.

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Edgar Farms Asparagus

Fresh asparagus season is upon us, and anticipation is building as we await the arrival of Edgar Farms asparagus in the markets. This family operation started growing vegetables in the ’80s, but decided to downsize, specializing in a smaller assortment of vegetables. While it might be the largest asparagus farm in Alberta,
it remains focused on quality and flavour during a short growing season. One of our favourite ways to enjoy this bright green vegetable fresh, is to peel it and add the raw peeled curls to salad or on top of crostini slathered with fresh ricotta and lemon – or grilled with olive oil and lemon. When it’s not in season, you can shop the markets and source a variety of Edgar-Farms-made preserves and have yourself a pickle party. Treat yourself to pickled asparagus bits and tips, bread and butter pickles or relish. Check the website for a list of markets and retailers.

Fresh and pickled Asparagus Edgar Farms | $11.95 – $15.99 | edgarfarms.com