It’s always good to have a stash of your favourite dumplings in the freezer, for when that craving hits. Whether you boil, steam or pan fry, there are many frozen options for you to enjoy. Here are five of our favourites. Don’t forget the chili oil!

Deng’s Dumplings
6208 Rundlehorn Dr NE

Deng’s Dumplings has gained popularity after they were mentioned on social media. The owners are lovely and it’s easy to find why their dumplings have become a hit. Find them in Rundle and grab a bag of pork, veggie or beef. A second location in Crescent Heights Village on Centre St. N will be opening soon. Check out this CBC story on how Deng’s became the toast of TikTok!

Sum Kee One Dim Sum
1601 Centre St N

Located on Centre Street, Sum Kee One Dim Sum has been a favourite for many. They have been serving Calgary since 2016 and have a large variety of frozen dumplings including soup dumplings, shrimp and pork.

Lucky Dim Sum
1623 Centre St NW

You can find Lucky Dim Sum in Central Landmark on Centre Street where they have been operating since 2006. Their freezers are stocked with so many types of dumplings that you can make at home – there’s definitely something for everyone.

Yummy Dim Sum
1623 Centre St NW

The variety of dumplings available at Yummy Dim Sum is extensive. Find them on the second level in Central Landmark on Centre Street. Some of their flavours include Shrimp, Chive, Spinach and Red Bean.

Wonton King
3449 12 ST NE
5330 72 AVE SE

With two locations in Calgary, Wonton King has been serving their dumplings since 1980! They have three flavours for you to enjoy at home – Pork and Veggie, Chicken and Veggie and Pork.