Noble Pie Pizza

Noble Pie pizza is back. For the last couple of years, pizza enthusiasts flocked to Eighty-Eight Brewing Company to try Mike Lange’s pop-up pizza, sometimes waiting for hours to get in. This New York-inspired pizza pop-up started in 2018 after Lange spent 13 years testing dough, reading pizza books, visiting pizzerias around the world and perfecting pizza dough.

Inspired by Joe Beddia from Philadelphia’s Pizzeria Beddia, who believed you could start with a small crew plus great quality product and still have a viable business, Noble Pizza was born, becoming a popular fixture in the brewery. Once covid hit, things changed and owners Mike and his partner Leslie Lamont decided to take Noble Pie in a new direction opening their own bricks-and-mortar location in the space behind The Cookbook Co. Cooks. They transformed the room into a cozy old-school pizzeria adding nods to those who have inspired them along the way.

Noble Pie | 720 11th Ave. S.W. |