If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we love to eat. For comfort, joy, sadness, boredom… and I’m okay with that. With hot, sunny days on our minds, we’re sliding into summer with some ideas to keep food simple: like shopping for local produce, supporting local farmers, new seasonings and sauces to enjoy on the barbecue, beautiful new dishes for our patio parties and a new way to keep leftovers fresher longer.

Be sure to check out the other items featured in our Late Spring Issue: Sticky Fixx Barbecue Sauce by Motley Que; the Zwilling Fresh & Save Food Storage Starter Set available at Britannia Kitchen & Home and Zest Kitchenware; all the asparagus from Edgar Farms and Umami Spice Mix from Eats of Asia!

Lemonceillo home and gift

Add some vibrant, cheery fun to your table this summer with one-of-a-kind dishware designs from the Vietri Pesci Colorati Collection, available at Lemonceillo Home & Gift. White earthenware clay is the ideal canvas for storytelling in colour, making these images come to life. This Italian dishware is inspired by traditional schools of fish common in the coastal villages of Italy. Each piece is crafted in Tuscany by master artisans who add a signature spin by hand painting every detail. We love these dishes so much as they encourage creative conversations around the table about Finding Nemo, Dory’s Squishy and the one that got away. Since opening seven years ago, Lemonceillo Home & Gift has curated a diverse selection of unique, well-crafted and responsibly made items that are meant to be used, enjoyed and shared with others. These dishes will brighten any table this summer.

Pesci Colorati Collection | Lemonceillo Home & Gift | $50 – $250 | lemonceillo.com