We ate, we drank, we social distanced our way through the summer and finally autumn is upon us. We’ve noticed DIY kits continue to be popular at home and we suspect will carry on into the new year as a food trend with interesting variations popping up. Making wine or beer is not new, but using a different all-in-one tool has been a fun experience. Creating fermented food has taken over as our new favourite hobby, cocktails and beverages always need a proper vessel, and nothing tastes better than homemade salumi. Eat, drink and be healthy.

heydey fermentation kits

Recipes for a Healthy Gut

Most of us have heard about kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha — all fermented foods offering an array of health benefits that improve digestive health. Fermentation is the process of changing the chemical composition of food through enzymes, using a substance like salt to encourage the good bacteria to get to work while destroying the bad bacteria. It might sound easy; however we’ve learned there is a little science that goes into perfecting a probiotic good enough to eat. This is where Margot Loveseth comes in. She started Heydey Fermentables to get people interested in home fermentation and adding probiotic food and beverages to their diets. She found a void in the marketplace for these types of products and her curiosity about fermenting prompted her to start experimenting. Through trial and error, she became hooked on the recipes she was able to perfect. Margot Loveseth’s creations have us over the moon as we’ve sampled the purple sauerkraut, carrot cake, water kefir (also known as tibicos) and fell in love with the radish kimchi (kkakdugi). Each kit is unique and offers pre-measured food, seasonings and easy-to-follow instructions with optional refill kits. Margot Loveseth has more recipes in development with plans on launching soon. Meanwhile she is working with her son, a chef, on expanding their line making it available to restaurants. Order your kit and kaboodle fermenting vessel online and have fun being a scientist in your own kitchen.

Heyday Fermentation Kits | Heyday Fermentables | $24.00 – $79.00