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Fall harvest, Thanksgiving, Halloween – so many things to be thankful for this season. In this issue, we are shining light on a few of Alberta’s well-known movers and shakers plus sending kudos to those who started new businesses during the pandemic. The celebrations in your homes may look different for many reasons
as some of us reflect on loved ones lost but will also be a time to create new memories, and relish in time spent with those we care about most.

In this issue our Shop Local column also features these amazing local products: Raven and Orca or Moon Platters and Bowls from Springbank Cheese Co., honey almonds and Bodacious Black Current Mead Chinook Honey, Honey Vinegars from Alchemist Vinegars, and locally made pasta and sauce from Sunterra Market.

Harvest Moon Mills

James Waddock and Clint Jensen are two local entrepreneurs showcasing high-quality grains grown on the prairies. Research and studying technologies in flour making that retain nutrition and flavour led them to start Harvest Moon Mills using grains from Jensen’s family farm (Jensen Farm) and an old-fashioned method of stone-milling. They tell me this ancient method of making flour is enjoying a modern-day comeback and for good reason. The results are a product rich in nutrition and flavour without any added chemicals, bleach or fortifying. The temperature of the grain is not increased during the stone-milling process ensuring no nutrients are lost. As of press time, the flour line-up includes sifted bread, hard white wheat, durum flour, pastry and all-purpose, plus whole grain bread, and rye flour. Waddock and Jensen say they’re committed to creating new products, educating the public about the importance of supporting local businesses, and how much better stone-milled fresh flour is nutritionally. Order your flour online for all your baking and pie making needs this holiday season and taste the difference. Coming to retail stores soon.

All-Purpose Flour | Harvest Moon Mills | $13.95 | harvestmoonmills.com

Did you know that durum flour is what is used in most Italian pastas and pizzas? Most of the durum flour that is milled in Italy today comes from Canada (even from Jensen Farm!) So, the next time you consider buying that “made-in-Italy” flour or pasta, know that it is a locally grown product that is now available for you to purchase directly!

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Wanda Baker is the author of a food and lifestyle blog bakersbeans.ca. She’s been involved in starting and organizing events in Calgary including YYC Pizza Week and The Culinary Race, is a freelance digital content manager and local community advocate. She’s been featured on The Weather Network, Global News Radio 770, Global Calgary and Shaw TV. Her recipes have been featured on Food Network Canada, she’s been published in Western Canadian Magazines and upon the insistence of local culinary friends may one day write her own cookbook. In 2018, Meals on Wheels created The Baker Award in Wanda’s name to recognize the restaurant demonstrating the most community spirit annually during YYC Pizza Week. Twitter @wandabaker_ Instagram @wandabaker_

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