We ate, we drank, we social distanced our way through the summer and finally autumn is upon us. We’ve noticed DIY kits continue to be popular at home and we suspect will carry on into the new year as a food trend with interesting variations popping up. Making wine or beer is not new, but using a different all-in-one tool has been a fun experience. Creating fermented food has taken over as our new favourite hobby, cocktails and beverages always need a proper vessel, and nothing tastes better than homemade salumi. Eat, drink and be healthy.


Revolutionizing wine making at home

Making wine at home just got a whole lot easier. For over 20 years, retired engineer Gary Novak and his wife Darlene operated wine-making stores all over Calgary. Through the years, they were able to see what worked well when it came to wine making and what didn’t work at all. Older customers enjoyed wine making but faced issues lifting heavy equipment. Determined to find a better and easier way to make wine, Gary created the UWinemaker, a single-stage fermenter that sits on your kitchen countertop eliminating 90 per cent of the work. The unit offers an oxygen free and clean environment producing aromas and flavours of vibrant tasting wines sometimes difficult to achieve with traditional wine making methods. The magic happens with preparation on day one, rock and rolling on day fourteen and bottling on day twenty-eight directly from the built-in tap. All you need to do is purchase the unit, select your favourite wine kit and get started creating wine at home to have your wine ready for Thanksgiving. For thoseloving a challenge you can also use the UWinemaker to make specialty ports, mist and ice style wines. Following the success of this product currently selling across Canada, Gary and Darlene will be launching the UBeermaker this fall. Available at the Home Vintner or check website for other locations.

UWinemaker | The Home Vintner | thehomevintner.com | $169.95