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Spring has sprung and we are soaking in the warm weather, planting our vegetable gardens and getting excited about summer. We’ve discovered some cool finds for this edition. A good jar of local honey deserves a bright, cheery honey pot. New tea towels featuring vegetables, plants, bees and flowers are beautiful left folded neatly on the counter after cleaning up messes from cocktail mixing. A long hard day of work, gardening or play, should always involve some sort of chocolate treats.

Bear Bait Honey

For Herman Van Reekum, owner of Bear Bait Honey, bees are a family affair. As a child he helped with his mom’s apiary. Six years ago, he became a hobby beekeeper fascinated by the bees’ altruism and the sacrifices made by the hive to preserve the colony. Today he has anywhere from 10 – 20 hives that keep him busy selling his honey products directly through independent specialty stores. Collaborations with local businesses like Naked Leaf and Wild Rose Brewery, create offerings like tea-infused honey and honey beer. Named for the bear who destroyed two hives in its first year, Bear Bait Honey is a part of Be Local Calgary and works with London Drugs who sells the honey through its small business program.

Bear Bait Honey | $15.00 – $20.00 |