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The new year is finally upon us and we, like many others, are happy to say adios 2020. We are starting the new year full of optimism and hope that life will return to some sort of normalcy. We continue to focus on community and the creative locals who manage to stay fresh and innovative in the toughest of times.

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Rviita Energy Tea

Rviita Energy Tea was started by Mitch Jacobsen, an engineer by trade who wanted an energy drink that wasn’t straight coffee, tea or like the other high-test energy products currently on the market. Looking for a healthier alternative to match his active lifestyle, he joined forces with Robert Wigg and Karly Jacobsen to develop a natural coffee alternative. After a couple of years of experimentations and testing with a food scientist, the team came up with a formula and a name that worked. Rviita is a low-calorie, caffeinated beverage made using natural caffeine from tea and guarana seed, plus organic honey to sweeten. The packaging leaves a low carbon footprint, is recyclable and can be repurposed by filling with water to turn it into an ice pack. Rviita Energy Drinks are available in six flavours and can be found at the Italian Centre Shop on Fairmount Dr. S.E. in the beverage aisle.

Italian Centre Shop | | $4.49