We ate, we drank, we social distanced our way through the summer and finally autumn is upon us. We’ve noticed DIY kits continue to be popular at home and we suspect will carry on into the new year as a food trend with interesting variations popping up. Making wine or beer is not new, but using a different all-in-one tool has been a fun experience. Creating fermented food has taken over as our new favourite hobby, cocktails and beverages always need a proper vessel, and nothing tastes better than homemade salumi. Eat, drink and be healthy.

saltcraft meat co

Locally Made Salumi

Ivo Andric spent over a decade working in the restaurant industry while he finished his undergrad in finance. He took a job, settled in as an oil and gas analyst only to be laid off with the plummeting price of oil. He took a leap of faith and opened a business focused on learning the technique of making traditional Italian salumi. Experience gained in the industry brought forth a love of charcuterie and the realization there was a lack of locally made cured meat products. So, he started Saltcraft Meat Co. to showcase simple Canadian products while working towards being a zero-waste company. Andric works exclusively with Bear & the Flower Farm (see our cover story for more on this great family business!) and produces his salumi in a local restaurant utilizing their basement cellar to slow cure and dry-age for optimal flavour. He creates individual salumi and a combination artisanal charcuterie box. The box is convenient when you want to host friends for dinner or a backyard barbecue as it offers a variety of salami pre-sliced and packaged. Purchase this charcuterie box in single or double sizes through the website, Cultivatr home delivery, or pick-up. Holiday entertaining may look a little different this year but it’s always a good time to support local.

Artisanal Charcuterie Box | Saltcraft Meat Co. | $36.00 – $56.00