Autumn is our favourite season as it ushers in cool, crisp air, vibrant colours and reminds us summer is but a distant memory. We relish fewer mosquito bites, that extra hour of sleep and all things pumpkin spice. In this issue, we mix magical mushroom concoctions, dive deeper into the world of fermentation, get back to black, season everything and enjoy more time (and pie!) with friends. Our harvest baskets are full and so are our hearts.

We are embracing Autumn this year and all these fabulous finds. Check out the OUI Ridged Casserole Pot from Indigo, Mushroom Milk from The Livery Shop, The Fermentation Crock Set available at Lee Valley Tools and fresh made pies from Pie Cloud.

The Silk Road Spice Merchant

Who doesn’t love a new spice blend?! I enjoy creating new random blends in my kitchen, but really get excited about finding new blends when visiting The Silk Road Spice Merchant. The Rustic Roasting Blend is a seasonal blend equally suited to roasting both meat and vegetables. With a French heart of brown mustard, white pepper, nutmeg and thyme, it evokes all the hospitality of your kitchen after a chilly fall day. Fire up the oven, chop up your root vegetables and sprinkle liberally with olive oil and the spice blend, open a bottle of wine while they are roasting and cozy up with a plate of hot, delicious food. Equally tasty on pork, beef or chicken, we will be slathering it all over our roast turkey. Drop into Silk Road’s new location and check out the Yatai Yakitori, Cuban Adobo and Deluxe Italian blends.

Rustic Roasting Blend | The Silk Road Spice Merchant | $11.99 |