• Clos de la Oyster Barre

Raising the Barre

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Clos de la Oyster Barre, now settled at Vendome in Sunnyside, offers a relaxed seafood experience with a rotating menu. Enjoy classic and inventive dishes, while listening to cool tunes and hip-hop beats. [...]

  • Moxy Banff

Moxy Banff Hits the Slopes with a Retro Remix

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A New Take on Mountain Hospitality Moxy Banff officially opened recently with a new take on the conventional hotel stay. Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, this newest addition to Moxy Hotels [...]

  • strawberry pemmican

Eat Meat

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Big Stone Cree Nation Chef Ian Gladue's Mitsoh bridges the gap between tradition and taste. Their pemmican blends Indigenous knowledge with delicious flavours, ensuring respect for heritage with every bite. [...]

  • Indigenous Food Stories: Chef Ian Gladue’s Mitsoh Revives the Pemmican Tradition

A Taste of History

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Chef Ian Gladue's journey isn't just about food - it's about reclaiming a vital part of Indigenous culture and sharing it with the world. From a childhood spent playing "restaurant" to creating Mitsoh, [...]

  • Reduce, Reuse, Reuminate Short Film

The Humble Beef Cow

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Food waste is a major issue in Canada, with shockingly high stats showing 58% wasted annually. To tackle this problem, a recent panel discussion explored how cattle can play a key role in [...]

  • Seared Rainbow Trout Wrapped in Sautéed Greens

Seared Rainbow Trout Wrapped in Sautéed Greens

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My father and I spent hours on the creeks and rivers near our acreage in Central Alberta fishing for trout together. My dad taught me to hunt and fish, to cultivate in me [...]

  • Chai Crème Brûlée

Chai Crème Brûlée

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Chai crème brûlée offers a delightful combination of textures and flavours, making it a delicious choice for a special occasion. Simple yet elegant, this dessert is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and a perfect way [...]

  • Summer food festivals

Spring Feasts and Summer Eats

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As the days lengthen and the city comes alive, Calgary is gearing up for an unforgettable spring and summer season of food. Iconic street festivals and vibrant night markets will be erupting across [...]

  • Mother's Day in Calgary

Where to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Calgary

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This Mother's Day, ditch the flowers and whisk Mom away on a culinary adventure. Calgary's diverse dining scene caters to every taste. Explore Calgary's thriving local food movement, showcasing Alberta's bounty and surprise [...]

  • Mogouyan Hand-Pulled Noodles

Use your noodle

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Forget the fork, these noodles demand slurping! Mogouyan Hand-Pulled Noodles brings their signature technique and a taste of China to Pacific Place Mall. Mogouyan Hand-Pulled Noodles Everyone knows noodles [...]

  • thesangstersawmill

Get Spicy

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Transforming trash into treasure, Sangster Sawmill elevates the art of sustainability. This family-run business uses leftover wood, including firewood scraps, to craft stunning and functional kitchenware, proving beauty can be found in unexpected [...]

  • CHARCUT Roast House

Spreading the Sizzle

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Doubling down on delicious - CHARCUT Roast House expands As CHARCUT Roast House expands to Calgary’s University District, co-chefs Connie DeSousa and John Jackson and co-owner Carrie Jackson announce an exciting remodel of the [...]

  • Azzurri Pizzeria

Rolling in dough

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Discover Azzurri Pizzeria, a beloved fixture in Calgary's culinary landscape for almost a decade. Owned and operated by the esteemed Ricioppo family, known for their renowned Italian eateries, this pizza eatery brings authentic [...]

  • Regina Fine Meats photo

Market Report: Meat

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While plant-based diets are front-and-centre in the ethical eating conversation, some of us are simply carnivores. Fear not! Animal protein can still be produced and consumed ethically with organic and humane practices. Supporting local [...]

  • springbank cheese

Springbank Cheese Co. to open fifth location

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It's a Gouda life Springbank Cheese Co. is thrilled to announce the grand opening of their fifth and newest location in Aspen Landing Shopping Centre (339 Aspen Glen Landing SW). They will be celebrating [...]

  • Walter's Caesar Pop-Up Bar

Walter’s Pop-Up Bar

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Celebrate 55 years of the Caesar Cocktail In recognition of the Caesar cocktail's 55th anniversary, The Westin Calgary presents Walter's Pop-Up Bar. Transport yourself back to 1969 with the Caesar cocktail, created by Walter [...]

  • Blowers & Grafton

East Coast Street Eats

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Warm hospitality and comforting East Coast food is what you will find when you dine at Blowers & Grafton Halifax Street Food & Bar. Named after the intersection of Blowers and Grafton streets [...]

  • hawthorn

Hawthorn Dining Room & Bar Reimagined

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Unapologetically Hawthorn Hawthorn Dining Room + Bar, within Fairmont Palliser, has launched reimagined menus this month, putting Hawthorn in the forefront of prairie fare with a modern twist. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry [...]

  • Lee Valley Tools Self watering windowsill planter

Hassle Free Gardening

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A Self-Watering Windowsill Planter supports ethical eating by helping people grow their own herbs sustainably, even in small spaces. Its smart design saves water and encourages a stronger bond with our food, and [...]

  • carnitas


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Carnitas is a traditional Mexican dish made of pork seasoned with herbs and spices. It’s slow-cooked or braised until it becomes tender, then shredded and crisped, making it delicious to use in tacos, [...]

  • house of kabob

Shop and eat at this Persian restaurant

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Located along Edmonton Trail N.E., House of Kabob is a longstanding Persian restaurant worth exploring. Family-owned and steeped in tradition, it's known for its flavourful kabobs and cuisine, with a small market offering [...]

  • Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo in Calgary

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Cinco de Mayo, a day of celebration and jubilation, commemorates Mexico's triumphant victory over Napoleon III in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. This day holds great significance for Mexicans who [...]